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I'm Sunshine Connor, a wife, mommy, author, and artist behind all the designs on SunnyMommyCreations.Shop. As a DIY blogger renovating our fixer-upper, I sometimes can't find quite the home décor that I want. So, I started making it myself - pillows, rugs, wall art, and much more!  After hearing from enough people, "Where did you get that?" I decided to open my own store so others can enjoy my eclectic décor as much as I do!


All SunnyMommy Creations artwork starts with original photography of nature scenes, flowers, my homemade paintings - anything I think is beautiful and full of artistic potential! These photos are then digitally edited into unique designs that I use for wall art or other home décor. It's a whimsical process, and my eclectic catalog offers something for every home style.


As a small business owner, I'm dedicated to providing affordable home décor and offering quality products that are both pretty AND practical. I strive to operate with eco-friendly practices and work with manufacturers that only create made-to-order products in a timely manner.

I also love helping other people personalize their own living spaces. If you would like help DIY-ing your OWN home décor, I'd be happy to work with you through the Custom Collection section.


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All artwork is under Sunshine Connor copyright